Josette + Isaiah

While a guest at the baby shower for Josette and Isaiah, I realized that we needed to move quickly if we were going to have any chance of getting belly pictures taken before Josette went into labor. It was something we had discussed a few times during her pregnancy, but had not yet been able to pin down a specific time.

Before I left the shower, I asked if she was still interested in having a session, and if she felt up for it. She said that she felt great and definitely wanted to have some portraits taken before Miss Hope made her grand entrance into the world.

I booked The Charcoal Loft for the session. I really loved their space when I shot a portrait session there the year before. The had since moved the studio to a new space within the same building, and I was really excited to try it out. I made sure to schedule a time block that would give us plenty of time to capture a variety of outfits and poses, without pushing Josette too hard, because carrying an extra person with you 24/7 is hard work!

The session went beyond all my expectations.

We got to work shortly after Josette and Isaiah arrived. My "assistant" Tim helped keep Isaiah occupied when I was focused on capturing mama + baby, which helped greatly. One of my goals was to not make daddy feel left out in any way.

Other than one special request, Josette and Isaiah didn't really have any specific ideas of what they wanted. That left me with a blank canvas, and I was ready. With the session plan that was prepared beforehand, we were able to move through outfits and poses with ease. That allowed me to focus on capturing their personalities and interactions with each other. And let me tell you, these two are so much fun to be around!

Josette was given a preview of their special request during the portrait session, but I hadn't shared any other images with either of them. To make it up to them, I sent them a sneak preview of a (tentative) final image, which she promptly shared on social media. A few days later, she also had an opportunity to see the work-in-progress images (something I very rarely do).

When the images were all done, I contacted Josette to schedule a reveal session. Of course, as nature would have it, Miss Hope chose that very day to come into the world! So the reveal was a little late, and could not be in person, as I had wanted. But they have a beautiful, healthy baby girl, and I could not be happier for them! Thank you Josette and Isaiah for allowing me to document such a special time in your life.

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