March 12, 2017

At least I hope will be. Someday.

Last night, I shot my first "real" portraits using flash.

So, you might be asking why I put the word real in quotes. The reason for that is the photo session was unplanned. I spent the last week or so helping my daughter get ready for th...

November 20, 2016

While a guest at the baby shower for Josette and Isaiah, I realized that we needed to move quickly if we were going to have any chance of getting belly pictures taken before Josette went into labor. It was something we had discussed a few times during her pregnancy, bu...

September 14, 2016

My first camera was a flat little Kodak that took a 110 film cartridge, received from “Santa” in the early 80’s. My immediate thought was, “I have my own camera… I am cool now!”  Unfortunately, other than pressing the little button on top, I was totally clueless regard...

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